Seminar on 17th Feb, 2016 by the Dept. of ENVS [UG].

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Announcement: Seminar on 17th February, 2016. 

The Department of Environmental Studies (UG), Jogamaya Devi College is going to organize an invited Seminar Lecture on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 in the auditorium of the annex building of the College.

The program will start at 9.30 AM.

The honourable speaker this year is Dr. Asish Chaudhuri, an eminent Scientist and Scholar from UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, (Texas), USA. The topic of the lecture is “Mysteries of Ageing”.

Dr. Chaudhuri is a protein biochemist for the past 13 years, involved in developing various fluorescence-based technologies to understand how chronic oxidative stress or compromised defense machinery impairs protein homeostasis and contributes to aging and age-related diseases. Other than research, Dr. Chaudhuri has also served as Co-Director of the San Antonio Nathan Shock Center Oxidative Stress Core for Excellence in the Basic Biology of Ageing. He is a member of Audie Murphy Veterans Administration Hospital Safety Committee and director of several research programs. Currently, Dr. Chaudhuri performs the role of scientific advisor of Proteomics Division at The University of Texas southwestern medical Center.

To his credit Dr. Chaudhuri has 44 publications in peer reviewed journals of repute and a similar order of conference presentations round the globe. He had, as well imparted research guidance to a number of workers in their doctoral and Post-doctoral studies.

Your presence will make the seminar a great success. Your kind co operation and valued participation is highly solicited.