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UGC sponsored seminar “Frontiers in Modern Physics” to be held on November 21-22, 2016 in the Department of Physics, Jogamaya Devi College, 92, S.P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700026.

Venue : Sister Nibedita Hall, Jogamaya Devi College Annex Building.

Day : 21.11.2016.

9.00A.M.-9.30A.M. Registration
9.30A.M.-10.30A.M. Inauguration

Key Note Address  : Dr. Debiprasad Duari, Director, Research and Academic,M.P.Birla Planetarium, Kolkata : “Challenges in Astrophysics”

11.15A.M. – 11.45A.M. High Tea
Session 1 :

Chairperson: Dr. Papiya Nandi, Ex-Director, Jagadish Bose National Science Talent Search, Kolkata.

11.45A.M. – 12.30P.M.

Dr. Palash Baran Pal, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata . “Unification of forces”

12.30P.M. – 1.15P.M.

Dr. Biswarup Mukhopadhya, Harishchandra Research Institute, Allahabad.“The messiah of mass and message about more”

1.15P.M. – 2.15P.M. Lunch
2.15P.M. – 2.45P.M. Poster Presentations
Session 2 :

Chairman: Dr. Asesh Nandy, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Education, Kolkata.

2.45P.M. – 3.30P.M.

Dr. Tarakdas Basu, Kalyani University, Kalyani, W.B. “Green-synthesized cerium oxide nanoparticle of high antioxidant property”

3.30P.M. – 4.15P.M.

Dr. Kalyan Kumar Chattopadhya, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. “Introduction to nanotechnology with grapheme as a prototype nanomaterial”

4.15P.M. – 4.30P.M.

Oral 1 : Sayantani Das, Bose Institute, Kolkata “Transport properties of CdSe nanoparticles”

4.30P.M. – 4.45P.M.

Oral 2 : Jennifar Sultana, Centre for Research in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology,Kolkata. “Efficiency enhancement of p-CuO/n- Si heterojunction solar  cells: Impact of annealing on the photovoltaic properties of Chemical Bath Deposited CuO film”

4.45P.M. – 5.00P.M.

Oral 3 : Dr. Sangam Kumar, L.S.College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. “Equilibrium positions of a cable connected satellites system in neighbourhood of main resonance”

Poster Presentations on 21.11.16.

1. Dr. Tanusree Sahu , Jaipuria College, Kolkata
2. Swambhoo Mittra , Barrackpore R.S. College, Kolkata
3. Dr. Arpita Bose , Asutosh College, Kolkata.
4. Dr. Subarnarekha Bhattacharya, Bhawanipore Education Society College, Kolkata.
5. Santosh Kumar, L.S. College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.
6. Dr. Kausik Pal, Serampore College, Serampore, W.B.
7. Anirban Bose, Serampore College, Serampore, W.B.
8. Dr. Prasenjit Sarkar, Serampore College, Serampore, W.B.
9. Shreyasi Pal, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
10. Amrita Mukherjee, R.C.C. Institute of Information & Technology, Kolkata.
11. Prerna Sharma, Passed out from Presidency University.


Day : 22.11.2016.

Session 3 :

Chairperson: Dr. Aparajita Bhattacharya, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. 

9.45A.M. – 10.30A.M.

Dr. Sudeshna Banerjee, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. “Man, machine and cosmos”.

10.30A.M. – 11.15A.M.

Dr. Arunava Chakrabarti, Kalyani University, Kalyani, W.B.“Magic on your tabletop”. 

11.15A.M. – 11.45A.M. Tea
Session 4 :

Chairman : Dr. Tapan Kumar Mukherjee, Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata. 

11.45A.M. – 12.30P.M. Dr. Anusuman Lahiri, University of Calcutta, Kolkata. “The dark matter in us”.
12.30P.M. – 12.45P.M.

Oral 4 : Dr. Jayanta Saha, Aliah University, Kolkata. “Resonances in two-electron atoms”.

12.45P.M. – 1.00P.M.

Oral 5 : Dr. Sukhamoy Bhattacharya,  A.P.C. College, Kolkata. “Effect of spatial confinements on the structural properties of atomic systems”

1.00P.M. – 1.15P.M.


Oral 6 : Sayantan Dutta, Belgharia Texmaco Estate High School, Kolkata.

 “Atoms under plasma: Modeling and Diagnostics”

1.15P.M. – 2.15P.M. Lunch
2.15P.M. – 2.45P.M. Poster Presentations
Session 5 :

Chairman: Dr. Arunava Chakrabarti, University of Kalyani, Kalyani, W.B.

2.45P.M. – 3.30P.M.

Dr. Soumitra SenGupta, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata. “The voice of the cosmos: Einstein and the gravitational wave”.

3.30P.M. – 4.30P.M. Interactions and Distribution of Participation Certificates.

 Poster Presentations on 22.11.2016.

1. Souravi Bardhan, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
2. Shukla Acharya, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
3. Srimoyee Saha, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
4. Shilpa Maity, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
5. Rismita Ghosh, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
6. Surjyasarathi Bhattacharya, Asutosh College, Kolkata.
7. Supriyo Chaudhuri, Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Howrah.
8. Dr. Dipankar Ghosh, Serampore College, Serampore, W.B.
9. Dr. Sankha Das, Serampore College, Serampore, W.B.
10. Nripen Besra, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.