The department was established in the year 2001. Despite being a new department, nearly 60 students pass out every year from this department. Many students of this dept. have established themselves in distinguished positions or are enrolled in institutes for higher education. Many of the students passing out from this dept are employed as Psychologists and counselors in various schools and NGOs.


Dr. Anita Ghosh M.A., Ph.D (Dept. In-Charge) Contractual Full-Time
Sri Tamaghna Gosowami M.Sc. Contractual Full-Time
Sm. Sugandha Pramanik M.A. Guest Lecturer
Smt. Jhilli Tiwari M.Sc. Guest Lecturer
Smt. Anwesa Banerjee M.Sc. Guest Lecturer
Smt. Rema Bose M.A. Guest Lecturer
Sri Rupam Banerjee M.Sc.  Guest Lecturer