Many eminent teachers have been part of the faculty of the English Department right from its inception. Late Principal Mohini Mohan Mukherjee, the Late Professors Amulyadhan Mukhopadhyay, Jitendralal Banerjee and Sunil Banerjee have contributed immeasurably to the shaping of the department. Late Dr. Sunil Banerjee published a book entitled ‘Bankimchandra: Craft of Fiction’. The Late Amulyadhan Mukhopadhyay was famous for his doctoral thesis on Tagore’s Metre (‘Chhondo’). The department has also been enriched by the invaluable contribution of renowned Prof. Amarendra Nath Mitra who was part of its faculty. Retired teacher and student of the dept, Dr. Nupur Gupta has published ‘Abhimukh Batighar’ a translation of Virginia Woolfs novel, ‘To the Lighthouse’ and an English translation of Asha Purna Devi’s novel ‘Noi Chhoi’. Her versatile talent has found expression in anthologies of poems entitled 1) Samayer Kono Bayesh Nei, 2)Smriti tumi thako dure and 3) Hoito agami Jonme. Dr. Bharati Banerjee, another of its ex-teachers has translated two poems by Sylvia Plath, published by JUSAS. Professor Jayanti Biswas, the senior most teacher of the Dept. was also a student of this college.


Dr. Shila Neogi  M.A., M. Phil, Ph.D.  Associate Professor
Sm. Soma Mondal M.A. (Head of the Department) Assistant Professor
Sm. Juthika Biswakarma M.A.,MPA Assistant Professor
Sm. Piyali Mondal M.A. Assistant Professor
Sri Shantanu Majee M.A., M.Phil Lecturer – Part Time