In charge of a dedicated and dynamic faculty, the Department of Chemistry carries on the challenging task of training its students to be competitive in a global environment.

It boasts of uniformly good academic performance with many of its students well placed in academic and research institutions throughout the world. Among its eminent former faculty, the department is proud to acknowledge Dr. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay, Pro-V.C, (academic) of the University of Calcutta. Dr. Kalyan Bhattacharya, retired professor of the dept. is the Co-ordinator of the Post Graduate Distance Learning Course in Chemistry. Smt. Mukta Ray, Associate Professor, is engaged in content writing for distance courses and is also actively involved in the organization of Awareness programmes and seminars in collaboration with various NGOs. Dr. Dolan Chanpa Saha, Asst. Professor was a student of this college. Dr. Ujjwal Mondal, completed his Ph.d Degree last December and is currently engaged in post-doctoral research at a reputed institute in Sweden.


Dr. Arpita Bhaumik M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. (Head of the Department) Associate Professor
Dr. Dolan Chanpa Saha M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Dr. Nandini Bhattacherjee M.Sc., Ph.D Assistant Professor
Dr. Ujjwal Mandal M.Sc, Ph.D. [On lien] Assistant Professor
Dr. Shreedhara Gupta M.Sc, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Sm. Mukta Roy M.Sc Guest Lecturer
Sm. Debalina Ghosh M.Sc Guest Lecturer
Sri Abhishek Sau M.Sc Guest Lecturer
Sri Abhishek Brata Ghosh M.Sc. Guest Lecturer
Sri Sumangal Roychowdhuri M.Sc. Guest Lecturer
Sm. Sohini Basu Roy M.Sc. Guest Lecturer